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Sex, magick, art, film. The House of Ecstasy film production company is a place where all of these meet. We are producing erotic films with an eye for beauty and a focus on love, ecstasy and magick. If you're interested in keeping up to date with our releases join our (occasional) mailing list in the lower right hand of this page.


Update -February 2013

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Well it has been really one of those years…did you have a 2012 like I did? Are you grateful it’s 2013 and a new year? I am!!! I have not been in much of a position to be able to make the films I have going on in my head. A serious illness in my family zapped most of my energy, free-time and money, three things required for film-making.

My life is getting on track though. Money is starting to come through and this will be the year that House of Ecstasy is resurrected! Stay tuned and check back around summer 2013 to see what we’ve got rolling. Thank to everyone for your support.

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Upcoming Film

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Our upcoming film “Priestesses of Aphrodite” has been unfortunately delayed. We initially had planned a shoot early last summer. We had a terrific cast lined up and two scheduled shoots, but it was cancelled due to illness with two of the cast members. Shortly after that we moved to another state and our life has been been very busy. But this film is still in the back of my mind and I would love to see it manifest!

The film explores sacred sexuality from a feminine perspective. We are building a house over this summer and will be tied up with that, but we are already looking for a new cast and crew (in our new city Asheville) and hoping to film in the summer of 2012 with a release date of winter 2012. Will keep this blog tuned in!

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Letter From a Cast Member

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Got this letter from one of the cast of BABALON Rising:

I came home to the domes last night in a fairly deep funk about myself
and the progress I’ve been making towards my life’s vision. It seemed
like a good a time as any to download the film in HD and face myself
on film for the first time. I laid back prepared for an onslaught of
self criticism and disappointment but experienced nothing but an ever
building sense of awe combined with a truly hair raising feeling of
being witness to something dangerously new. I knew it was going to be
unique, but I wasn’t anticipating anything as beautiful and powerful
as what you and Kala have created. Your editing of the footage was
pure magic. The flow of the film cast an absolutely mesmerizing spell
on me. When Babalon finally rose through Kala, I could feel it again
in the space. There was even physical manifestation of it. I felt
ancient shadow forces fleeing in terror and confusion. It was more
terrifying to them than any horror film ever made. They did not know
how to handle it. It couldn’t be scoffed away. They could not block
the spell or even bear her presence. Even the room opened up and
became more alive. My mood was completely transformed giving way to
an intoxicating wide open feeling of freedom and empowerment. It is
the perfect starting ground. I can’t tell you what an honor it feels
to have been a part of its creation. I am so excited to see where she
takes us next.

My deepest thanks to you both,

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(This is a review by my friend Jessica. The original can be found here.)

I had no idea what to expect when my friend Shiva announced that he and his partner, Kala, were producing and starring in an erotic film along with some close friends. I believe that one or both of them even used the word “porn.” Someone who has never met Shiva may have suspected that this was simply a creative way for him to get laid by multiple women. I immediately ruled out this possibility. Some one who doesn’t know Shiva may have expected the type of porn one can pick up anywhere. I knew not to expect any Barbie Doll figures (though Kala happens to have a gorgeous body naturally) or dildos or cum shots or basically anything nonorganic and misogynistic. So, yeah, I only knew what not to expect. Shiva is one of the most unique and intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, not to mention his creativity and immense amount of spiritual energy, so I eagerly awaited the release of the film wondering how the mystery of content would unfold. The only clue I had is in the very title of this film, Babalon Rising. I had previously read about Jack Parsons and his experiment with Crowley’s powerful ritual. I suspected that the film would be laced with magick.

I was finally able to download Babalon Rising over the weekend. I sat down to watch it with a great sense of anticipation on Saturday afternoon, and, no, I didn’t just have a hard on to see Shiva naked. I demanded something that went beyond graphic sex. The film exceeded my expectations. It, in fact, affected me quite deeply.

Babylon Rising is not laced with magick as I suspected, but rather IS magick. Sensuality, poetry, music, psychedelia, and invocation come together to create a powerful ritual, which is so intense that I broke out in goosebumps and decided to take a breather the first time I watched it. I didn’t return to the ritual until Shiva assured me that the conclusion of the film would bring me back out of darkness and into the light, which proved to be true.

The sexual aspect of Babalon Rising is tasteful and gorgeous. No one appears to be acting. It is pure love and pleasure and joy. Unlike typical porn movies, there is much kissing and tenderness and smiling. The visual effects Shiva used for these scenes create the impression of an orgy while glorifying the beauty of the female body.

The powerful spiritual aspect of this film doesn’t exclude those who know nothing of the occult. It, in fact, invites them to open their minds and hearts to experience something new and thrilling and perhaps even life altering. For those who are familiar with Crowley’s work, come revel.

I have touched upon what Babalon Rising is not and upon what it is, but I have left much to be discovered. If I have peaked your curiosity even the slightest bit I encourage you to use the below link to preview the film and order a copy. In fact, I dare you to.


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